KingDryer offers a drying service different than the traditional drying methods. Since KingDryer heats the tree from inside to outside, the water vapor resulting from the pressure will move to the outer surface. Therefore, the cracking and drying of the outer surface due to the tensions will be avoided. Cracks may be formed on the outer surface since the tree is heated from outside to inside through the traditional drying methods.
About Us

Recep Sivrikaya Forestry Products company has been established in 1989 by Recep Sivrikaya in Düzce center. With the products being marketed in the exhibitions held in various countries of the world, it has taken its place among the World Giant Brands and became a company looked for its products with rarely found quality. 

Drying Methods

Classic Drying Ovens (For the thick timber of hard drying tree types) Drying term is long. 30-90 days For example: 60 days for 50 mm oak 90 days for 65 mm oak 30 days for 65 mm fagus It is inconvenient to dry 100 mm oak in the oven 30 days for 100 mm pine...